S.O.F.A.S.T. When Speed Counts

S.O.F.A.S.T LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Our team is our family, with specially selected subject matter experts used to ensure our clients receive world class training. We want to give back. We gladly support non-profit organizations from wounded service members that need an escape to others such as the Boy Scouts of America.

Our courses are simply founded on basic fundamentals that get forgotten when repetition is not applied. The Difference between conventional forces and Special Forces is not the equipment. Most organizations rehearse until they get it right, Special forces conduct rehearsals until they can’t get it wrong.

Through repetition you develop neurological highways that reside next to riding a bike in your brain. This is not muscle memory, there is no such thing. The best example is writing a letter with both hands, which looks cleaner and which took less time? Join us on a fun, informative session of training that will unleash your potential and set you up for success. We conduct public and private courses tailored to our clients. Join the SOFAST Team!

-SOFAST Pistol

-SOFAST Carbine


-SOFAST Fighting and Functional Fitness (Focus is on the psychological readiness & mental toughness)

-SOFAST Survival

-SOFAST Improvised Vehicle Repair

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