Team SOFAST joins Crisis Application Group (CAG)

Crisis Application Group (CAG) is a nationally recognized organization of Special Forces (Green Beret) Instructors providing similar instruction to standard in various disciplines of Shoot-Move-Communicate, Medicate & Survival. Team SOFAST LLC is the (CAG) proponent for the state of Colorado. Graduates of our courses will be provided to the Crisis Application Group for accreditation and … More Team SOFAST joins Crisis Application Group (CAG)

SOFAST LLC Jayne Wayne Simply the BEST!

We utilize a professional and comfortable learning environment for our female students. If cost is a concern ask yourself, “What is my life and the lives of my family worth?”
“I’m blessed to be surrounded by Americas brightest and toughest men!” My Family.
Now I’m willing to share over two decades of learning because you deserve the best! … More SOFAST LLC Jayne Wayne Simply the BEST!


Special Operations Fighting and Shooting Tactics (SOFAST) LLC Introduction. A Special Operations family,both active and retired  and the Boss (wife) that want to give back to the community through this service disabled veteran owned small business. Married for over 23 years to his wife and business partner. Team SOFAST also has two sons that participate … More About SOFAST LLC

SOFAST LLC, Jayne Wayne Explained.

So why are Special Operations families so tough & resilient?
It’s because they live a life of unexpected absences of their husbands and fathers. They have to endure the nightmares, the blank stares and intern protect the men that protect them when they come home.
There is never a ceremony or news crew, no parades or ceremonies. Just washing his gear, repacking his bags and living in the moment.
More SOFAST LLC, Jayne Wayne Explained.