Open Enrollment Advanced Carbine “SOLD – OUT”

Team SOFAST will conduct 3 straight days of advanced carbine. This course will be open enrollment to the shooting community. Topics covered: Fundamentals review, load management, positional, barriers, moving and vehicular. Where: The SOFAST Ranch, located at 2434 Puma Hills RD, Lake George CO 80827 (This is a new address so # 1192 may be the … More Open Enrollment Advanced Carbine “SOLD – OUT”

SOFAST LLC Jayne Wayne Simply the BEST!

We utilize a professional and comfortable learning environment for our female students. If cost is a concern ask yourself, “What is my life and the lives of my family worth?”
“I’m blessed to be surrounded by Americas brightest and toughest men!” My Family.
Now I’m willing to share over two decades of learning because you deserve the best! … More SOFAST LLC Jayne Wayne Simply the BEST!