MSG(R) Jeff Adams is a retired Green Beret (2012). His duties consisted of A-Team/Troop Sergeant, Special Forces Medical Advisor, Mountaineering Instructor, Commander’s In-extremis Force (CIF) Operator & ultimately the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Advanced Urban Combat, Demolitions, Combatives program manager. His last deployment was the summer of 2015 in support of American efforts to counter ISIS.


His wife Claudia of 23 years (2015), has been the cornerstone of the family. She has had to endure multiple combat rotations, be mom & dad, work and support the boys sports. Claudia is the Primary Instructor for our Jayne Wayne program. If anyone knows how tough it can be to be a working mother it’s her. Fortunately she has an interest in women’s safety, a heart of gold & an uncanny ability to make training fun and stress free.

The Adams’ boys grew up on a foundation of faith, family, patriotism, hunting & wrestling. The younger (13) is the primary demonstrator for Junior Operator, while the older is currently serving in Ranger Battalion.

“Theres just something about chasing an explosive breach with your brothers into an unknown threat that makes all that training worthwhile.”

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