Man-Camp The Ultimate Corporate Team Building Experience

Whether your man is stuck in video game land; corporate has you confined to a tiny cubicle; or you’re wearing out the TV remote then know this. Life is happening outside right now! This is not a rehearsal and you will never get today back!

Take your scouts, youth group (kids 12 and up), or your business team to the next level! Our program is designed to teach the student everything your mom said was too dangerous. From cutting down a tree with a chainsaw & chopping wood, riding a motorcycle or side by side, safely using equipment to fill your tags, catching fish to be grilled over a camp fire, learning to use a tractor, kayaking, improvised vehicle repair, land navigation, the list goes on and on.

Our talent pool of Special Operations Instructors is guaranteed to elevate your family and business teams to crush the opposition! So contact us and lets get this on your training calendars!

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