Team SOFAST LLC has teamed up with FIT 365 and Alpha Elite Performance to bring you the Gun-Fighter! We will be conducting 2 days of training at the best gym in Colorado Springs and 8 hours of range time at SOFAST Ranch.

Featured Image -- 513Alpha Elite Kit.jpg

WHO: Beginners to advanced students of the gun. Lack of conditioning, age or lack of experience does not disqualify you.

WHAT/WHERE: Two 3 hour training sessions at FIT 365 followed by 8 hours of combat marksmanship at SOFAST Ranch.

WHEN: Monday thru Wednesday, 5-7 June 2017. This is the first week of summer vacation for most Colorado schools.

The holistic Gun-Fighter program encompasses every necessary facet of the warrior athlete lifestyle. Every profession has its tools, and the gun-fighters consist of the mind, weapon(s) and body. Combatives conditioning with a focus on weapon handling

“The rising of the sun in the morning is the gun-fighters waking call to devote his/her day to sharpening their sword. Knowing that somewhere, someone is training and preparing to compromise their belief system and way of life.”

Combat Marksmanship is a system for the rapid, effective employment of the gun-fighters tools. Economy of motion in the fight is critical to survival, thereby adding emphasis to the hallmark, “Train as you fight”. The primary tools are the rifle and pistol, so also rests the primary training objective.

Combatives is a form of martial arts that applies specifically to the gunfighter and does not favor any specific art form. The end-state is survival and “Whatever Works”. The gun-fighter applies an effective technique for the developing situation in order to regain the use of his/her primary tools.

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